Mill Street Reconstruction: South ‘A’ Street to Centennial Boulevard

Project Overview

Mill Street serves as a collector for residences and some commercial use, and provides access to Centennial Boulevard and Main Street, two key Springfield arterial streets. Over time, the street has reached a state of deterioration beyond the feasibility of maintenance treatments.

In addition to crumbling pavement, Mill Street currently presents challenges to pedestrians and bicyclists. Cyclists currently ride in the roadway and weave in and out of parked cars along the street. Between 2008-2015, nine bicyclist-involved crashes were reported along the project length. All except for one were angle, sideswipe, or turning movements, which are the types of crashes that could be expected to occur without good visibility of people biking and without infrastructure that encourages more predictable riding behavior, such as a bike lane.

Mill Street is also heavily accessed by pedestrians walking to Centennial Boulevard or Pioneer Parkway to use the bus. Reconstructing Mill Street provides an opportunity to enhance the safety and accessibility of curb ramps and pedestrian crossings to allow for continued, safe access of commonly used pedestrian routes to get to and from the nearby bus lines.

Map of Mill St reconstruction area

Map of Mill Street reconstruction area

Project Goals

The reconstruction of Mill Street from S ‘A’ Street to Centennial Boulevard aims to achieve the following:

  • Create a new transportation asset that will serve our community for many years by fully reconstructing a major collector in complete disrepair.
  • Improve accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists by addressing pedestrian crossings, bring curb ramps up to meet ADA standards, and fill in a missing gap in the Springfield bicycle network.
  • Improve street lighting to make the area more walkable at night and increase the safety of all users.

Project Status

A design consultant has been selected. The design process is expected to begin fall/winter of 2021.

Questions or Comments?

To ask questions or provide feedback, please contact Engineering Assistant Mariah Kimpton at or 541.726.4584.