November 16, 2018
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The City of Springfield and Springfield Public Schools have collaborated with Egan Warming Center to open a new warming site in Springfield at the former Springfield Public Schools Winter leavesAdministration Building on 525 Mill Street.

Starting as soon as this weekend, the site will operate as an emergency shelter when temperatures fall to 30 degrees or below. The site will be able to house up to 70 people experiencing homelessness.

“I was very worried our neighbors without addresses would not have warm shelter during emergency winter weather and was very encouraged when the City of Springfield jumped into action to help find a site.  On behalf of our guests and Egan Warming Center a big thank you to the City of Springfield and the Springfield School District” said Shelley Corteville, Egan Warming Center Director.

The City and Springfield Public Schools began collaborating on a solution after hearing community concerns.

“As soon as we heard about the need for a location, we began calling our contacts throughout the community and the School District stepped up and found a way to make this space available – on behalf of the community we appreciate their work” said city spokesperson Niel Laudati.

“Hearing the need for a quick solution to support our community, it was an easy decision,” Chief Operations Officer Brett Yancey shared about the partnership. “While we continue to work towards a responsible and appropriate outcome for the building in the long-term, this allows the space to serve a need in our community.”

The site will serve as a warming center site through the 2018-2019 winter season, allowing St. Vincent de Paul and the Egan Warming Center staff an opportunity to locate a more permanent location.

For more information please contact:

City Legislative & Public Affairs Manager Niel Laudati at 541.726.3780

Springfield Public Schools Community Engagement Officer Jenna McCulley at 541.726.3213