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City of Springfield

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An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employee


McGruff the Crime Dog - Role Player & Handler


Supervisor: Springfield employee and a Volunteer who is on duty at any event where McGruff is present.
Location: Police Department – 230 Fourth St., Springfield, OR 97477
Schedule: Days and evenings, seven days/week
Commitment: Minimum commitment is six months of service.
Objective: Role play as McGruff the Crime Dog with the Springfield Police Department at community sponsored events.



Description of Duties

  • This is an episodic assignment. The Springfield Police Department maintains a pool of volunteers who are trained as McGruff the Crime Dog role players. As we commit to events where a McGruff appearance is requested or needed, we contact the volunteer pool and ask for volunteers who are available to commit to the event.
  • Wear the McGruff the Crime Dog costume and role play as McGruff. The costume includes a trench coat, pants, head, and gloves for paws. There is a fan inside the "head" of the costume to keep you cool.
  • McGruff does not talk, but does have to act and display positive, outgoing body language, including waving, shaking hands, etc.
  • McGruff’s handler serves as McGruffs eyes and ears, as it is difficult to see and hear through the costume head. The handler stays by McGruff’s side at all times, guides McGruff, alerts McGruff to stairs or other obstacles, points out kids who want to interact with McGruff, and hands stickers and give-aways to McGruff for distribution to kids.


Dress Code

  • McGruff the Crime Dog costume.



  • Ability to pass a background check.
  • Ability to send and receive email from home.
  • Must be 5’7” to 6’3” in height to wear the costume comfortably.
  • Willingness/ability to wear the costume for 30 minutes at a time.
  • Ability to use discretion with children who may be afraid or intimidated by McGruff.
  • Commitment to become familiar with the National Crime Prevention Council’s guidelines on wearing the McGruff the Crime Dog costume.
  • Willingness to conform to quality control of work and accept feedback.
  • Positive and supportive attitude with people of all backgrounds and abilities.
  • Commitment to comply with confidentiality requirements and police policies.
  • Minimum age: 18


Training and Assignment Preparation

  • Onsite training.


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General Application

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