Springfield’s street repair efforts funded by general obligation bond 20-296 are two years ahead of schedule with the final project set for completion this year. Details of the latest progress of these projects can be found in the 2021 Bond Measure Annual Report now available today.

In 2021, four projects were completed including Olympic Street, Mohawk Boulevard, 42nd Street, and Thurston Road/Highbanks Road, with just one more remaining. Centennial Boulevard between Aspen Street and Prescott Street is scheduled for repairs this year which includes a pavement overlay and re-design and reconstruction of sidewalk ramps to meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

The projects completed in 2021 include the following sections of streets:

  • Olympic Street – Mohawk Blvd to 28th Street
  • 42nd St – Main Street to approx. International Paper
  • Thurston Road – 58th Street to 69th Street
  • Mohawk Boulevard – G Street to Hwy 126
  • Highbanks Road/58th Street – 52nd Street to Thurston Road


In November 2018, Springfield voters approved a five-year $10 million general obligation bond to fund street repairs on a list of priority commercial streets in need of repair. As part of the Bond measure the City committed to Springfield taxpayers to provide an annual Bond Measure Report describing project activity that occurred in the previous year. Community members can view the 2021 Annual Report and other related history at https://bit.ly/StreetBondMeasure.


Who: Springfield taxpayers and all community members

What: Street Repair 2021 Bond Measure Annual Report

When:  Available now

Where: Online at https://bit.ly/StreetBondMeasure

Additional Information: Contact Tom Boyatt, Community Development Director, Development & Public Works, at 541.744.3373 or tboyatt@springfield-or.gov