After extensive deliberation and consideration, the Springfield Economic Development Agency (SEDA) Board has identified the need for a transparent and cohesive process to identify and select a development partner for the Glenwood riverfront area.

SEDA is looking forward to issuing a formal Request for Qualifications (RFQ).

“We believe the use of a clearly defined process will benefit all involved, providing for an outline and clarity of the Board’s priorities for how the site might develop and the desired characteristics of an ideal development partner,” said SEDA Board Chair Marilee Woodrow.

A RFQ process will focus primarily on the experiences and qualifications of interested development teams and less on site-specific ideas and images. This allows the Board to identify the best partner and then shape the development jointly.

The Board has also directed this process be initiated as expeditiously as possible with a goal of formal development partner selection prior to the end of calendar year 2021. This topic is tentatively scheduled for discussion during the May 24 SEDA Board meeting.

Glenwood has been, and continues to be, a high-priority investment area for SEDA and the Springfield City Council. With this prioritization, SEDA has participated in the development of three new Glenwood area hotels, the expansion of significant manufacturing and employment sites, the construction of Franklin Boulevard, investments in road design and site recruitment along Franklin Blvd-Hwy 225, the extension of the 14th Street bike path, and riverfront path viaduct, and many other partnerships.

SEDA looks forward to the upcoming RFQ process to continue this pattern of work and select a development partner for the SEDA owned riverfront site.