Schools across the nation, including locations here in Springfield have experienced an increase in school threats, rumors of threats, and the spread of false information which has contributed to disruptions to the learning environments and created fear in our community.

Here in Springfield, the safety and wellbeing of students, staff and families remains our highest concern. Maintaining safety in our schools requires an ongoing partnership between school staff, students, families, law enforcement and the surrounding community.

Throughout the year The Springfield School District has monitored the concerning national trends including various TikTok challenges. The Springfield Police Department and Springfield Public Schools are aware of the vague and unsettling threats to school safety on December 17 and will continue to partner utilizing our on-campus School Resources Officers to maintain safe and secure campuses.   Parents can expect to see an increased visible police presence around Springfield schools on December 17.

The Springfield Police Department and the Springfield School District do not have specific or credible information of threats or attacks directed at Oregon schools.

It is important to note that issuing and/or distributing hoax threats of violence is a crime and taken very seriously.  The Springfield Police Department makes an effort to investigate every tip to ensure the continued safety of our campuses. Hoax threats can result in arrests by law enforcement, and or disciplinary action by the school district. They are not a joke and carry serious consequences for all involved.

In Springfield, we value a strong sense of community and inclusion which is founded on all members feeling safe. Hoax threats disrupt the sense of safety and can cause severe emotional distress to students, school staff, and families.

Please remember – if you see something say something. Don’t forward or share a threat further, rather report it to law enforcement or a trusted adult. Threats can be reported directly the Springfield Police Department at 541.726.3714, to a trusted school adult or administrator or through the SafeOregon tip line.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT: On Duty Watch Commander (541) 726-3714

NEWS RELEASE COMPLETED BY: Lieutenant George Crolly – Operations Division Commander