Incident:                     Shots Fired Following Dispute

Location:                    1195 Main St, Springfield Oregon

Case Number:           21-8873

Date/Time:                 December 18th 2021 / 01:31am

More Information:    On Duty Watch Commander 541-726-3714

Completed By:          Sergeant Kirkpatrick

NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT:  On Sunday Morning around 0130am Officers responded to a report of shots fired following a dispute at Bobbi’s VIP club on Main St.  At this point the description is limited and consists of two vehicles.  The first is described as a white Chevy sedan.  The second is described as a silver sedan.

The suspect associated with the white Chevy is described as a Black male in his early 40’s.  He was described as 6’4” 250lbs.  He was seen standing in the parking lot with a handgun raised in the air.  Additional shots were then fired from the silver sedan, and both vehicles fled northbound on 12th St.  They were described as chasing after each-other.  Officers were unable to locate either vehicle, and there are no known injuries at this time.  Officers located shell casings and are working to obtain video surveillance.

Anyone with information is asked to call SPD at 541-726-3714