Incident: 11 charges of Criminal Mischief 2

Location: 1887 Pioneer Parkway East

Case Number: 21-05917

Date/Time: 8/24/21 at about 12:30 am

Man taken into custody peacefully after destructive episode

On 8-24-21, at approximately 12:30 am, a SPD officer was dispatched to Cosmo Prof Beauty located at 1853 Pioneer Parkway East for a “glass break” alarm activation.

When the officer arrived at the shopping complex, they could see the glass part of the door of Cosmo Prof Beauty was shattered and that there was a hole in the door large enough for a person to fit through and enter the store.

Then, the officer noticed a person on the sidewalk in front of other store locations that had clearly been damaged. The man then began walking away from the officer.

Due to the minimal time delay and the male`s close proximity to the multiple damaged storefronts, the officer immediately contacted the male. The officer began a verbal dialogue in order to deescalate the man in the event he was experiencing a crisis.

After a brief discussion the suspect, Brandon Lawrence Foster, age 25, was taken into custody without  incident.

When Foster was searched, officers did not find any property that appeared to have come from the shops.

Once all of the businesses were checked more closely, officers found that nearly every business in the strip-mall portion of the complex had sustained damage to either the windows, doors, or both.

Businesses damaged:

Vape Shop – 1887 Pioneer Parkway East (two windows and a door)

T-Mobile Store – 1883 Pioneer Parkway East (front door)

Bo`s Wine Shop – 1879 Pioneer Parkway East (front door)

Great Clips – 1873 Pioneer Parkway East (front door)

Video Game Head Quarters – 1871 Pioneer Parkway East (front door and window)

UPS Store – 1863 Pioneer Parkway East (window)

DragonVine – 1859 Pioneer Parkway East (two windows and two doors)

Cosmo Prof Beauty – 1853 Pioneer Parkway East (front door)

Family Dental – 1847 Pioneer Parkway East (two windows and front door)

Vacant suites – 1843 and 1829 Pioneer Parkway East (six windows in total and a front door) All American Pet – 1833 Pioneer Parkway East (front door).

Foster was transported to the Lane County jail and booked on his warrants.

Foster’s warrants were issued by the Eugene Circuit Court for failing to appear on the original charges of Criminal Mischief I and Menacing (warrant # 20CR57459), Criminal Mischief I and Criminal Trespass I (warrant # 21CR08059), and Criminal Mischief I (warrant # 21CR15860).

Upon completion with the Eugene Circuit Court, Foster will be transported back to the Springfield Municipal Jail where he will be lodged on 11 separate counts of Criminal Mischief II in regards to each business that was damaged during this incident.

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