On Saturday, June 26, Race Walk event goers will have an opportunity to purchase a limited edition US Olympic Trials – Race Walk poster!

The City of Springfield worked with Chloe Bradford, owner and graphic designer of Chloe Bradford Designs, to develop a creative way to highlight destinations throughout the Springfield community through retro-inspired poster designs. These designs include posters of the Springfield Flame, Women Veterans Sculpture and Downtown Springfield. And now, a retro-inspired Race Walk poster!

The Race Walk poster will be available for residents and visitors for $10 each at the Hospitality Courtyard right outside of IEQ Technology across from City Hall Plaza, 225 Fifth Street. Additionally, the initial series featuring the Springfield Flame, Women Veterans Sculpture, and Downtown Springfield will be available for purchase at the special event rate of $10 each.

Proceeds from the sale of this series go toward supporting future public art projects in Springfield, Oregon. It also provides visitors and residents with a beautiful keepsake of their time visiting and/or living in Springfield, Oregon.

For more information about the Race Walk event and to view the posters available at the event, visit https://bit.ly/SpfldRaceWalk

Reminder: the event starts early – please join us starting around 6:30 pm with the Race Walk kicking off around 7 am!