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Annual Budget Fiscal Year 2010 Springfield

City Government Roster
City of Springfield Values Statement

Readers Guide
Readers Guide

Budget Message
Budget Message

City Overview
Total Budget Summary; Resources and Requirements-All Funds- FY07 through FY10
Total Budget Summary; Requirements Only-FY07 through FY10

Operating Budget
Operating Budget Summary FY07 through FY10

Operating Budget by Department

Capital Budget
Capital Budget Detail-FY10

Non Departmental Budget
Total Non-Departmental Budget-FY10
Debt Activities-FY10
Interfund Transfer Budget-FY10
Miscellaneous Fiscal Transactions-FY10
Reserves; Non Dedicated and Dedicated Budgets-FY10
Statutory Payments-FY10
Unappropriated Balances-FY10

Financial Summaries and Statistical Tables
Adopted Budget by Fund Type; Resources and Requirements Summary-FY10
Full Time Equivalent (FTE); Comparison by Fund-FY10
Full Time Euivalent (FTE); by Department-FY07 through FY10
Total Budget Summary; Resources Only-FY07 through FY10
General Fund Revenue Detail-FY07 through FY10

Assessed Valuation; Levy and Tax Revenue Information Chart-FY10
Assessed Valuation; Levy and Tax Revenue Information-FY10

Tax and Assessed Valuation History; by Fiscal Year-FY01 through FY10

Performance Pay Plan


City Fund Types
Description of Budget Terms
Budget Acronyms and Abbreviations


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