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2017 Master Fees and Charges Schedule- May 1, 2017

Engineering and Construction Resources

Building Permits and Applications
Do I need a permit? Brochure Series: Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Structural
Contractors apply online at BuildingPermits.Oregon.gov


Permit or Application (pdf) Notes and additional information
Additional Address Request    
Address Change Request    
Address Request   Revised 5.5.2017 bj
Building Moving Permit   Revised 4.7.2016 bj
Commercial Mechanical Permit Worksheet Required for all commercial mechanical applications  
Commercial Building Information Sheet Required for all building permit submittals on properties zoned medium density residential, high density, commercial or industrial  
Commercial Building Permit Submittal Requirements/Checklist    
Deferred Submittal Agreement    
Demolition Permit    
Electrical Permit   Revised 5.5.2017 bj
Manufactured Home Placement Permit   Revised 5.5.2017 bj
Mechanical Permit   Revised 5.5.2017 bj
Master Permit Program Authorization Form   Revised 6.10.2014 bj
Plumbing Permit   Revised 5.5.2017 bj
Residential Building Permit Submittal Requirements/Checklist For one and two family dwelling building permits  
Sign Permit and Temporary Sign Permit Sign Code and Sign District Map Permit Revised 05.10.2016 bj
Special Inspections    
Structural (Building) Permit   Revised 5.5.2017 bj
Supplemental Submittal Form    
Willamalane SDC Information   Revised 1.1.2017 bj
Woodstove Permit




Land Use Permits and Applications


We are updating all Land Use Permits and Applications, which should be completed by the end of March 2017.  We regret any inconvenience and ask that you contact one of our Planners on Duty with any questions you may have with an Application, Liz MIller 541-726-2301 or Mark McCaffery 541-736-1003.


Permit or Application (pdf) Notes and additional information
Accessory Dwelling Unit Type I Created 04 03 2018 swb
Accessory Dwelling Unit Type II Created 04 03 2018 swb
Amendment of Refinement Plan Text and/or Diagram Revised 12 10 2008 ddk
Annexation Application Revised 04 08 2014 bj
Appeal Application Revised 01 07 2009 kl
Campus Industrial Zoning District Use Pre-Certifcation Revised 07 10 2013 kl
Conceptual Development Plan Revised 03 10 2011 ddk
Development Code Amendment, Type IV Revised 07 06 2009
Development Issues Meeting (DIM) Revised 5 21 2013 kl
Discretionary Use and Discretionary Use-Fences Revised 01 01 08 mem
Drinking Water Protection Exemption Request Revised
Drinking Water Protection Overlay District Development Revised 01 15 2009 ddk
Easement (Corporation)  
Easement (Individual)  
Fee Waiver for Non-profit Affordable Housing Providers Revised 10 10 2009 mem
Final Site Plan Equivalent Map Revised 01 01 2008 mem
Final Site Plan Review Revised 01 01 2008 mem
Floodplain Overlay District Development Revised 01 01 2008 mem
Hillside Overlay District Development Revised 10 10 2013 kl
Historical Review Revised 10 10 2013 kl
Improvement Agreement (Corporation)  
Improvement Agreement (Individual)  
Interpretation Revised 10 14 2013 kl
Land Division Plat Partition, Subdivision / Revised 10 14 2013 kl
Land Division Tentative Plan Revised 3 23 18 sm
Major Replat Plat Revised 10 14 2013 kl
Major Replat Tentative Plan Revised 3 23 18 sm
Major Variance Revised 10 14 2013 kl
Manufactured Dwelling Park, Type II Revised 10 14 2013 kl
Manufactured Dwelling Park Space Line Adjustment Revised 03/10/2011 ddk
Manufactured Dwelling-Temporary Residence After a Disaster Revised 07 31 2009
Master Plan Modification Revised 10 14 2013 kl
Master Plan Approval-Preliminary Revised 10 15 2013 kl
Master Plan Review-Final Revised 10 14 2013 kl
Metro Plan Amendment, Type IV Revised
Minimum Development Standards (Major) Revised 3 23 18 sm
Minimum Development Standards (Minor) Revised 02 21 2013 kal
Minor Replat Plat Revised 6 15 11 eem
Minor Replat Tentative Plan Revised 6 6 11 eem
Minor Variance Revised 10 14 2013 kal
Non-Conforming Use, Expansion/Modification Revised 01 01 2008
Pre-Application Report Revised 03 10 2011 ddk
Property Line Adjustment Revised 03 02 11 emm
Public Utility Easement (Corporation)  
Public Utility Easement (Individual)  
Serial Property Line Adjustment Revised 06/06/2011 emm
Site Plan Review Revised 3 23 18 sm
Site Plan Review-Minor Modification Revised 3 23 18 sm
Solar Access Guarantee Revised 02 25 2011 ddk

Temporary Use- Emergency Medical Hardship, Type II 

Revised 10 14 2013 kl
Time Extension Request- 120 Days Revised 11 19 2008 ddk
Time Extension Request- Certain Improvements and Final Submittals Revised 01 01 2008 mem
Traffic Control Plan Form  
Tree Felling Permit Reviosed 01 01 2008 mem
Vacation Revised 09 02 2014 bj
Vacation-PUE Revised 03 10 2011
Variance-Floodplain Revised 02 25 2011 ddk
Willamette Greenway Overlay District Development Revised 10 14 2013 kl
Zoning Map Amendment, Type III Revised 07 19 2007


Land Drainage and Alteration Permits

All persons engaged in construction activities must implement Best Management Practices (BMPs for preventing and/or controlling erosion, sedimentation and other construction related impacts to water quality and the environment. A Land Drainage and Alteration Permit (LDAP) is requires prior to any disturbance for constructions activities that:


Permit or Application (pdf) Notes and additional information
LDAP Standard Application  
LDAP Short Form Revised 4 17 2017 BJ


Miscellaneous Permits and Applications


Permit or Application (pdf) Notes and additional information
Light Pole Banner Permit

3 22 2017 ls

Traffic Control Plan Form, Traffic Control Plan Criteria, and Light Pole Banner Maps Revised
Over-the Street Banner Permit Revised
11 7 2016 bj

ODOT Right-of-Way Application (for Main Street location)

Banner Specifications


Driveway/Sidewalk Permit

Second Driveway

5 1 2017 bj

5 1 2017 bj

Vision Clearance Diagram, Traffic Control Specifications, Example Driveway Sketch Revised
Overwidth Driveway

5 1 2017 bj

Residential Streetlight Program Application

1 25 2016 ls

Encroachment Permit

5 1 2017 bj



Business Licensing

Business licenses are issued for a fiscal year, beginning on July 1st and ending on June 30th of the following year, unless otherwise provided by the City Council. In certain instances, the City will send a renewal notice approximately 45 days before the deadline. It is the responsibility of each business owner to renew his/her license by the due date, whether or not it receives a renewal notice. Penalties will apply if the license is not renewed by the due date. Applications submitted during the business year are not pro-rated and are subject to the entire fee. All business licenses are subject to a 5% technology fee. All business licenses are not transferable. Information and fees are updated periodically. If you need assistance with this process contact us at 541.726.3662. Thank you.

Please note that most applications require a minimum of two (2) weeks to process the application. Incomplete information will delay the process. 

Business License (pdf, if applicable) Notes and additional information
Alarm Agent $40.95 / 2 years
Alarm Business $97.65 / year
Alarm System $60.90 Initial / $22.05 renewal
Auctioneer $183.75 / year - $72.45 / day
Auto Wrecker $72.45 / year
Carnival/Circus $382.20 / day
Christmas Tree Sales $50.40 / year
City Hall Facility Use Please call for information
Dance Hall $183.75 first year / $93.45 renewal
Door to Door Solicitor $52.50 / year
Electrical Products $38.85 / year
Fireworks Sales $50.40 / year
Garage Sales No Charge
Liquor Sales $100 Initial / $75 Change / $35 Renewal
Manufactured Home Park Please call for licensing information
Marijuana Criminal Background Check No Charge
Marijuana Facility License (Recreational) $2,205.00 / year
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (MMD) $826.35 / year
Pool Tables Please call for licensing information
Rentals (fourplexes or more units, hotels/motels) $18.90 per unit / year
Secondhand/Antique Dealers $160.65 / year
Shooting Areas/Paintball $148.05 / year
Sound Truck/Car $60.90 / year
Special Event

$157.50 / $182.50 with liquor

Texas Hold 'em House
Texas Hold 'em Organizer

$121.80 / year
Tobacco Retail $94.50 initial / $60.90 renewal
Transient Merchant $18.90 / day
Transient Merchant Food Cart $39.90 / year
Vending on City Streets No Charge

If you are a Springfield resident and you are operating a business from your home, please check with the Planning Division regarding Home Occupation requirements at 541.726.3753. You may view our Springfield Municipal Code-Chapter 7 business in order to view all required business licenses. In some cases Lane County or the State may have additional requirements.

To register your business name, please contact the State of Oregon at (503) 986-2200. Or register online at .https://secure.sos.state.or.us/cbrmanager/index.action#stay.




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