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Construction has been completed or bids were not awarded on the projects listed below.




Information regarding the City's closed projects can be found in the table below.



Click on the Project Number for additional project information.
Project Number
Project Title
Springfield Wellness Center
City Hall Seismic Bracing - Package 2
A Street Overlay
South 59th and Aster Drainage Improvement
10th and N Sewer Upgrade - Phase 1
58th Street Relief Sanitary Sewer line and Bypass Manhole
Island Park
Fire Station 4 Washrack
Downtown Parking Modifications - Bid 1 (Bid Opening 06/26/2012) - All Bids Rejected
Downtown Parking Modifications - Bid 2 (Bid Opening 09/27/2012) - All Bids Rejected
Thurston Road Overlay
Jasper Trunk Sewer - Phase 2
10th and N Sewer Upgrade - Phase 2
Springfield Museum Brick and Mortar Repair
Springfield Depot Reroofing - Quote 1- Quote Cancelled
Springfield Depot Reroofing - Rebid -Quote 2
Rainbow Cul-de-sac Drainage Repair
South Second Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement
Franklin/McVay Sanitary Sewer Extension
Main Street Pedestrian Crossing Construction
17th Street S to T Storm Sewer
Quinalt and 10th Water Quality Manhole
1387 Kellogg Rd Storm Sewer
58th Street Pedestrian Crossing
Downtown Lighting - Phase 1
Light Fixture Powder Coating - All Quotes Rejected
FY2015 Slurry Seal
City Hall Plaza Renovation - All Quotes Rejected
City Hall Plaza Renovation - Rebid
FY 2016 Slurry Seal
2015 ADA Ramp Upgrades
Main Street Pedestrian Crossing Construction - Phase 2
Manhole Surface Repair
Centennial Blvd, 5th St and 28th St Manhole Surface Repair
Springfield Flame Foundation
McVay Swale



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