Adult In Custody Trust Account – Commissary Funds

Adults In Custody Trust Accounting/Commissary Funds:
Friends and family members can deposit funds using the following methods:

Jail Lobby: Cash, money order or cashier checks are accepted to deposit funds

Internet Deposits: via the provider’s website: read disclaimer below & click “I Agree”

Toll Free Phone Deposits: by calling 866-345-1884

A fee will be charged for funds deposited using the Internet and telephone options. Funds are accepted over the counter at the Jail lobby or through the U.S. Mail with no fee charged. Offenders will not be charged a fee during the booking process for funds placed on their Trust Account.

Electronic Deposit Services

Gross Amount Deposited Credit/Debit Deposits via Website Credit/Debit Deposits via Phone Cash Deposits via Lobby
$0.01 – $19.99 $2.95 $3.95 $0
$20.00 – $99.99 $5.95 $6.95 $0
$100.00 – $199.99 $7.95 $8.95 $0
$200.00 – $300.00 $9.95 $10.95 $0

Funds through the US Mail – No Fee

Mail to: Springfield Municipal Jail
344 A Street
Springfield, OR 97477
(be sure to indicate inmate name)

Notice: Any person who deposits money into an inmate’s trust account is hereby notified that such funds, upon deposit, become the property of the inmate. Any remaining balance upon the inmate’s release is returned to the inmate and such funds may also be subject to seizure to pay fees owed to the City of Springfield.