CHETT Program

The CHETT Program (Community Help Easing Troubled Times) is a funding stream consisting of monies donated by the community intended to provide resources to meet the short-term emergency needs of those affected by crime & critical incidents in Springfield. 

Funds from the account are to be used for victims of crime and those displaced by crime or critical incident (including innocent family members of perpetrators). The funds can only be used in relation to crimes or critical incidents that happen in Springfield. 

Examples of uses could include, but are not limited to; meals, lodging, transportation, crime scene damage repair, and/or other immediate short term emergency assistance for victims. 

Examples of past usage:

  • Funds were used to replace the motorized scooter of a disabled Viet-Nam Veteran amputee who was struck by a DUII pizza delivery driver rendering his scooter useless.
  • Funds were used to replace a three-wheel tricycle for an elderly woman whose trike was stolen.
  • Funds have been used on numerous occasions to provide short-term shelter, overnight accommodations, and to pay for transportation; bus/cab fare for veterans.
  • Funds have been used to replenish essential losses due to theft or special hardship, rent, deposit etc. when the loss can be validated.  
  • A rape victim who had nowhere to go was provided a hotel room and gift cards to purchase clothing as her clothing was evidence.
  • Meals have been purchased and delivered to veterans and their families during the holiday season.
  • Medical costs for a dog that was the victim of a hit and run incident. 

The CHETT Program, which was started in 2015, is the result of a citizen inquiry from Springfield community member Chester (Chet & wife Carolyn) Martin, a veteran who contacted the Springfield police regarding the ability to contribute funds to the Springfield Police Department to be used by officers to help VETS and others in need of temporary assistance in circumstances of crisis or critical need. Their initial donation to get the program off the ground was $700.00.

Anyone interested in contributing to the CHETT Program can send a donation to Springfield Police, 230 Fourth Street, Springfield, OR 97477, ATTN CHETT.

If you have questions about the program, send an email to