Network Support

The Network Support division focuses on providing a secure and reliable computer and telecommunications network infrastructure for City staff. This includes purchasing and installing computer equipment, performing backup and recovery, monitoring and tuning systems and performing security administration. 

The Network Support Division provides services defined in five general areas described as follows:

Hardware and Infrastructure Management 

This service area involves deploying new hardware, troubleshooting existing hardware problems and monitoring hardware performance. Configuration analysis is also performed to ensure that the network is properly optimized. The Network division also performs fault management to detect, isolate and correct malfunctions in the City’s telecommunications network. In order to provide City staff with fully functional devices a lifecycle management schedule is developed to ensure timely replacement of outmoded equipment. The Network Support division also reviews proposals for new networks and completes network implementation plans. 

Storage Management 

IT Technicians constantly monitor and manage the City’s data storage resources internally and externally. This includes balancing, or provisioning, storage needs across all City departments, performing data archiving and cleanup, and interpreting policy and procedures to encourage City staff in the best practices of data management. This service area also includes performing backup and recovery tasks to ensure the proper stewardship of data and application assets. 

Security Administration 

The Network Support division performs a variety of tasks in this service area which includes adding and removing user application privileges and applying user authentication and authorization. Network Analysts must be vigilant to ensure compliance with State, Federal and Local laws concerning privacy, homeland security and open records laws. Maintaining software to detect and respond to malware, spyware and viruses is an ongoing job performed by the Network Support division.  


Network Analysts install, configure and maintain telecommunications equipment which not only plays an important role in the daily operation of City services but is a vital asset to police, development and public works, and fire and life safety functions. Installing software patches, monitoring telecommunication equipment performance and performing backup and recovery are also duties in this services area. 

Service Desk 

Known as the “Help Desk” this service area requires additional attention to sustain a dedicated service desk specialist. The Service Desk provides a single point of contact to initiate customer work orders related to technology concerns. The Service Desk performs such duties as resetting passwords; trouble-shooting hardware, software and application problems; and routing customer requests to the proper person for resolution.