In 2015, the City of Springfield passed a resolution authorizing participation in HRA/VEBA to support retirees with post-retirement medical expenses. These accounts are subject to IRS establishment, funding and reimbursement rules. Below are documents that may be useful in explaining what the HRA/VEBA program is and how it operates. Please contact Human Resources for more information.

Document Description
VEBA Plan Summary Provides a high level description of the HRA/VEBA program.
Frequently Asked Questions Updated 12/6/2018.
Plan Benefits Brochure OREGON Informational brochure that provides more history and information about HRA/VEBA.
Qualified Expenses and Premiums Describes common examples of qualified expenses and premiums eligible for reimbursement through the HRA/VEBA account.
HRA Mobile Device App Flyer HRA/VEBA funds are accessible through a smart devices.
Investment Fund Overview This document shows the average annual returns for the investment options as of June 30, 2018.
HRA HSA FSA Comparison Provides a comparison between the HRA/VEBA account, an HSA, and an FSA health care account. Though the City also provides an HRA account, this comparison is between the HRA/VEBA and these other types of health care programs.
Survivor Benefits Describes what happens to your HRA/VEBA account if you pass away.
Progression of Benefits After Death A visual description (flow chart) of what happens to the account.
HRA/VEBA Contact Information If you have additional questions about this progrm in general, please use these contacts. If you have questions about the City’s program, please contact the City’s HR Department. Link to vendor website.