Online Vendor Registration Form

Online vendor Registration for City of Springfield Contracts

If you are interested in becoming a  vendor for the City of Springfield and receiving Requests for Proposal, or Invitations to Bid, (Contract Solicitations), please fill in the blanks on this document and e-mail:(,) or fax : (541-726-3782) it to the City.  You will be included on the City’s Vendor Listing and receive contract solicitations when the goods or services your company offers are contracted for by the City.  Being a registered vendor does not guarantee that your company will be awarded a City of Springfield contract.

Neil Obringer

Company Name ________________________________________________
Company Address ______________________________________________
Company Telephone/Fax numbers _________________________________

Main Contact Name _____________________________________________
Company E-mail Address_________________________________________

Goods and or Services Offered: 
Vehicular/Automotive___     Construction/Demolition___    Heavy Equipment____
Electrical_____     Plumbing______     Painting______   Grounds Maintenance___
Computer Hardware____  Computer Software_______   Communication Equip.___
Hardware/Construction Materials___    Traffic/Transportation Services________
Architectural Services_____   Paving___   Printing____       Human Resources____
Inventory Control Systems____     Insurance_____      Wastewater Management _____
Bulk Paper Products _____ Emergency Equipment______  Concrete Construction___
Office Equipment_____    Office Supplies______      Roofing/Siding_____
Medical Equipment/Support_____      Travel Services______    Other______
Emergency Equipment____    Interior Decoration____   Waste Water/Drainage____
Roofing___      Crane Service_____ Recycling Services_____ Surveying Services____
Architectural Services____     Other_________