Spatial Data Services

Types of GIS Services

  • Data extraction
  • Data conversion
  • Map Compilation
  • GIS Analysis

To provide an equitable service to the community as a whole, the City of Springfield, OR provides GIS data extracts as results of a buffer around a point, linear or polygon feature. This standard process provides a practical method of extracting data to meet the majority of requests.

Please download and fill in the appropriate form for all data and map requests. Forms may be faxed to the City of Springfield at 541.736.1021, Attention: Chris Zeitner.

For questions regarding the data please contact Chris Zeitner at 541.726.3706 or Mike Engelmann at 541.736.1016.

PLEASE NOTE: The City of Springfield will NOT provide data layers or maps for data that is not from our own source (e.g. FEMA flood maps).