Industrial Pretreatment

Wastewater generated in the Eugene/Springfield metropolitan area is cleaned at the regional wastewater treatment plant. Industrial wastes, which may contain pollutants that could interfere with the operation of our treatment plant, are regulated by the City of Springfield Industrial Pretreatment Program. 

The goals of the Industrial Pretreatment Program are to:

  • Prevent the introduction of pollutants into our treatment plant that will interfere with treatment operations or damage wastewater pipes or treatment facilities;
  • Prevent the introduction of pollutants into our treatment plant that cannot be treated and will pass through the plant and into the local (water) environment;
  • Protect the public’s health and the environment from risks of pollution; and
  • Protect worker safety.

Significant Industrial Users are regulated through permits, which require sampling and analysis, general compliance monitoring, spill control plans, and on-site facility inspections. The regulation is needed so that industrial wastes don’t inhibit or reduce the efficiency of the treatment plant, or make it hard to produce beneficial biosolids, or even reduce the amount of reusable effluent (the outflow from a treatment plant). The program must also monitor industrial discharges in order to prevent pollutants from passing through the treatment plant and harming the environment or threatening public health.

If you have any questions regarding the Industrial Pretreatment Program, please contact:

Shawn Krueger, Environmental Services Supervisor

Emily Lane, Environmental Services Technician

Marcia Miller, Environmental Services Technician