Virginia-Daisy Bikeway Project

Project Overview

Virginia Avenue and Daisy Street have been identified for street design changes to provide a safe and comfortable bicycle corridor that can be used by people of all ages and abilities. The corridor will provide an east-west bike network option that will serve as an alternative to Main Street. Additionally, the project strives to enhance the overall appeal of the corridor for all users and residents, improve pedestrian safety and usage, and provide traffic calming to emphasize safety and active transportation along the street.

The project considered design elements including striping of bicycle lanes, sharrows, traffic calming infrastructure, intersection treatments, automobile traffic diversion, limited lighting additions, ramp improvements, speed and designation signs, and a crossing improvement at S 42nd St. Changes to the corridor will be made in a series of projects over the coming years.

Phase 1A: Virginia-Daisy Bikeway from S 42nd to S 51st is Complete!

Phase 1A of the Virginia-Daisy Bikeway encompassed the area east of S 42nd Street to just west of S 51st Place. This phase included raised crossings, tree wells and planters, ADA ramps, sidewalk repairs, an asphalt pavement overlay, and stormwater features as outlined in the Final Corridor Design Concept. Additionally, the buffered bike lanes east of S 54th Street were painted in 2020.

Phase 1A Project Updates

Upcoming Projects

S 42nd St/Daisy St Roundabout S 32nd St/Virginia Ave
RRFB Crossing
Daisy St Bike Improvements
S 51st to Bob Straub
Virginia Ave Bike Improvements
S 32nd to S 42nd
Illustration of Roundabout and crossings RRFB crossing illustration Raised Crosswalk illustration

Work will begin on upcoming Virginia-Daisy projects once current projects are complete, beginning with the roundabout at S 42nd St and Daisy St  and the RRFB at S 32nd St and Virginia Ave.

Questions or Comments?

To learn more about the project, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

To ask questions or provide feedback, please contact Engineering Assistant Mariah Kimpton at or 541.726.4584.

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