P21196 – Walking-Biking Network Improvements

Project Status:

Design is starting soon.

Project Description:

Various locations in Springfield have been identified by the Springfield Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and were adopted into Springfield’s 2035 Transportation System Plan and the Central Lane Regional Transportation System Plan as critical pedestrian crossing locations that need enhancements to improve safety.

The project will install pedestrian enhancements at the locations below to improve safety:

  • Pedestrian crossing on Mohawk Blvd (south of ‘I’ St.) including a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB).
  • Pedestrian crossing on 5th Street (north of ‘Q” Street) including a RRFB.
  • Installation of a pedestrian island on 5th Street/EWEB path crossing.
  • Installation of a pedestrian island on 19th Street/EWEB path crossing.
  • Two portable temporary RRFB’s.

There are also locations in Springfield with missing pedestrian links. This project will address missing links adjacent to three schools and address non-ADA compliant curb ramps that are abutting the missing sidewalk links by upgrading them to current standards.

  • Path installation on the north side of Hamlin Middle School (Pioneer Parkway East to 5th Street) with connection to the pedestrian crossing at Pioneer Parkway/Eastbound Ramp pedestrian crossing.
  • Sidewalk installation on S.37th Street on the east side of Douglas Gardens School (Redwood Drive to Jasper Road).
  • Sidewalk installation on Darlene Ave (Dornach Street to Hartman Lane).