P21155 – S 28th St Paving

Project Status:

Construction is now underway. For details see the postcard sent to residents and property owners. This project is being managed by Lane County.

Project Description:

This project consists of paving the gravel portion of S. 28th St. from South F St. to the city limits (approximately .25 miles) utilizing funds received for Congestion Mitigation Air Quality. In addition, the project will include new stormwater features to manage and improve stormwater quality.

Map of project locationS. 28th St is a very dusty collector, since it still has large portions of unpaved, gravel areas and other areas that are in poor condition and accumulate dust on the shoulders of the narrow street. S. 28th St serves large industrial land uses, the SUB well fields, and some residential areas. Just south of Main Street on S. 28th St, there are 3390 vehicles per day on average. Dust on the sides of the roadway and on the railroad is kicked up every time a vehicle passes when it is not actively raining. When it is raining, the dust is washed into the waterways in the area since the street currently lacks adequate storm water treatment