The City of Springfield’s Development and Public Works Department (DPW) is launching a new web tool today to make more Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data available and accessible to community members.

The Springfield Map Hub provides a central website for the City’s public mapping data, while also offering new and evolving features to users. The site gives users access to up-to-date, authoritative information on zoning, infrastructure, surveying data and more. It also provides a single point to access Springfield’s repair request apps, including the new pothole reporting app.

The City’s GIS Team plans to continue reviewing and adding new data and tools to the site, along with new visualization features. They are also developing an internal datahub for City staff to provide them with powerful data tools and enhanced data-sharing capabilities that will help streamline processes such as infrastructure research, maintenance scheduling, and more.

The GIS team is responsible for maintaining the City’s official mapping data and helping inform the Operations Division of Development and Public Works Department. They also fulfill requests from other City departments and the community for geographic data or maps of Springfield.

The Springfield Map Hub is now live at


Who: Community members

What: Launch of Springfield Map Hub

When: Today, July 11, 2023

Where: Online at

Additional Information: We are happy to provide a demo of how the site works for explanation and photos/video footage. To request a demo with GIS staff, contact Thomas Gray, communications coordinator at 541.556.5272 or

Background: The GIS team has been continuously developing the Springfield Map Hub for approximately six months at the time of this release. The site was tested internally by DPW staff and received some limited public use before the official launch.