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Incident:  Assault 4/ Menacing Arrest

Location:  661 W. M St.

Case Number: 15-1970

Date/Time 3/1/15  1031 hrs.

More Information: Sergeant Rich Charboneau  541-726-2326

Completed By: Sergeant Richard Jones     541-726-3714                                       


ARRESTED:            Wade, Justen Keelee  2/10/90

                                    Springfield, OR


CHARGES:               Menacing-APA

                                    Assault 4-APA

                                    Felon Possession Of Firearm

                                    Criminal Mischief 2

                                    Violation of Restraining Order


VICTIM:                   Fahlman, Mercedes Ann  3/12/94

                                    Springfield, OR




On 3/1/15 at 1031 hrs. Springfield officers responded to an armed dispute at 661 W. M Street.  The suspect, Justen Wade, assaulted his girlfriend and pointed a gun at her.  He fled the residence prior to officers arriving.  


A sergeant searching the area spotted Wade about 30 minutes later walking a half mile from the residence on Kelly Blvd. near W. F St.  Wade ran into a yard and responding officers set up a perimeter.  Ofc. Daren Kendrick and his K9, Tjenco, responded and began searching for Wade.  As they searched the first yard, Wade ran into an alley.  He was captured with the assistance of the K9 after a short foot pursuit.


Wade was lodged at the Lane County Jail on the charges listed above.  The Violation of Restraining Order charge stemmed from a previous incident.



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                                         SPRINGFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT


Incident:                              Pedestrian/Vehicle Accident                                                      Case #: 15-1761

                                                **Additional Information**


Location:                             54th and Main St., Springfield


Incident Date/Time:       February 22, 2015 @ 4:51 PM



The investigation into the triple fatal on Sunday is still on-going.  With the sometimes accurate and sometimes inaccurate information being generated on social media the police department is releasing the names of the involved.  All of the involved are Springfield residents. 


The pedestrians struck were:

Cortney Jean Hudson  26 yrs. - Stable Condition

Tyler James Hudson  4 yrs. - Deceased

Mckenzie Mae Hudson  5 yrs.- Deceased

John Alexander Day  8 yrs.- Deceased


The driver of the vehicle was:

Larry James La Thorpe  68 yrs.


The lead investigator, Officer Brian Antone, asked that it be noted just prior to the accident he was monitoring traffic for red light violations at the involved intersection.  At the time of the accident he was conducting a traffic stop nearby involving a red light violation.  In addition to individual officers monitoring traffic for violations on east Main St., the police department administration is planning for enhanced patrols which will focus on accident causing violations including yellow/red light violations, failure to yield to pedestrians in the cross walk, speeding, etc.


Completed By:  Sgt. Rich Charboneau 541-726-2326



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Incident:                            Triple Fatal Vehicle VS Pedestrian Accident

Location:                            54th & Main St, Springfield, Oregon 

Case Number:                   15-1761

Date/Time:                        2-22-15 / 1651 hours

More Information:          PIO Sgt. Charboneau  541-726-2326 

Completed By:                Sergeant Richard A. Lewis



On 2-22-15 at 1651 (4:41PM) the Springfield Police department responded to a report of a vehicle accident at 54th and Main St.  Four pedestrians had been struck by a vehicle traveling east bound, while they were crossing Main street in the crosswalk.  Three children, ages four to eight, were pronounced dead at the scene.  Their mother was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.


Main street at 54th street was closed to two lanes for nearly seven hours while the accident was investigated, with the assistance of the Eugene Police department MAIT (Major Accident Investigative Team), and ODOT.


The driver of the vehicle remained at the accident scene and is cooperating with the investigation.  No arrests or citations have been issued at this time.  The investigation into the accident is ongoing.  We ask that anyone who was a witness to the accident who has not been contacted to please call the Springfield Police Department and speak with Officer Brian Antone 541-726-3714.


The Springfield Police department will not release further information regarding the children.  At this time the names of the adult victim, or the driver of the vehicle, are not being released due to the ongoing investigation and family notifications.


If anyone has additional information or witnessed the incident they are asked to call the Springfield Police Department at 541-726-3714.  For media inquiries please contact Sgt. Charboneau – PIO.

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Incident:                              Vehicle into Building Accident

Location:                             1210 Mohawk Blvd (Walgreens), Springfield OR

Case Number:                   15-1599               

Date/Time:                         February 17th 2015 5:52pm

More Information:          Sgt Charboneau at 541-726-2326 

Completed By:                 Sergeant Kirkpatrick



DRIVER:                                Hiatt, Mark Anthony 52 year old White Male of Springfield




NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT:  On 2-17-15 just before 6pm Officers of the Springfield Police Department were dispatched to a report of a motor vehicle into a building at Walgreens.  The driver, Hiatt, stated he was rounding a corner in the parking lot of the business when his foot slipped off the break, and landed on the accelerator.  The SUV lurched toward the front doors of the business.  He maneuvered back to the brake, but the momentum carried the vehicle through the front doors of the business.  No one was injured, but there were numerous customers standing just inside the doors.  Walgreens was forced to close the store due to the damage. 


During the investigation Officers learned that Hiatt’s driving privileges were suspended.  He was cited for Driving While Suspended.  The vehicle was towed from the scene.



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Incident:         Vehicle Pursuit

Location:          2600 block Marcola Rd, Springfield, Oregon

Case Number: 15-1565

Date/Time:       February 16, 2015 / 2327 hours

Additional Information: Sgt. Rich Charboneau at 541-726-2326 

Completed By: Sgt. Mike McCarthy



ARRESTED: RomanRamirez, Armando   20 years old of Junction City



                        Reckless Driving

                        Felony Elude by Vehicle





      Officer Hargis attempted to stop an impaired driver in the 2600 block of Marcola Rd.  After initiating the traffic stop, the vehicle accelerated to 60 mph as it traveled westbound on Marcola Rd. The vehicle went through the red light at 19th St. losing control due to the crown of the road of 19th St. and the beginning of the curves on Q St.  The vehicle “fishtailed” and then hit the north curb sideways with both passenger side wheels.  The vehicle came to rest against a fence.  The driver was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown around the inside the vehicle knocking him unconscious.  Medics transported the driver to Riverbend Hospital where he was treated and released with no injuries.  The drivers’ blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit.   



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Incident:                              Vehicle Pursuit

Location:                             Harlow Rd and Laura St Springfield OR

Case Number:                   15-1564               

Date/Time:                         February 16th 2015 10:02pm

More Information:          Sgt Charboneau at 541-726-2326 

Completed By:                 Sergeant Kirkpatrick



ARRESTED:                          Unatin, Richard George Louis  21 year old




CHARGES:                           Felony Elude by Vehicle

                                                Reckless Driving

                                                Possession of Meth



NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT:  On 2-16-15 at 10:02pm Officer Douglas of the Springfield Police Department attempted to stop a 2000 Toyota Sienna for several traffic violations near Harlow Rd and Laura St.  The driver fled, and a 22 minute vehicle pursuit ensued.  The suspect (Unatin) turned onto Hwy 126 westbound from Laura and then onto I5 Northbound.  His speeds reached 85mph on I5.  At several points during the pursuit the suspect was seen by Officers waving something in his hand.  Traffic on I5 was slowed by a trailing Officer for several miles.  Phone contact was made with the suspect during the pursuit and Dawn Hansen who is a Springfield Police negotiator was summoned.  After several minutes she was able to talk the suspect into surrendering at mile post 209.  Thanks to Hansen’s efforts, Unatin was taken into custody without incident. 


During the follow up investigation Officer Douglas learned that Unatin was wanted by the Eugene Police Department for an earlier incident in which he fled in a vehicle and was in possession of a firearm.





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Incident:                     Stabbing

Location:                    1814 10th St Springfield OR

Case Number:           15-1536          

Date/Time:                 February 15th 2015 817pm

More Information:    Sgt Charboneau at 541-726-2326 

Completed By:           Sergeant Kirkpatrick



INVOLVED:             Hannah, Dylan Thomas          23 year old White Male

                                    1814 10th St Springfield Oregon


Souvannakhot, Jill Marie        29 year old White Female of Springfield



NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT:  On 2-15-15 Officers of the Springfield Police Department were dispatched to a report of a stabbing at 1814 10th St.  As an Officer was arriving he found a male with stab wounds near the intersection of 10th St and Q St.  Simultaneously the Officer observed a black Honda Civic leaving the area.  He conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and contacted a female driver.  The male was rushed to the Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  He later underwent surgery for several stab wounds. 


A Springfield Police Detective was summoned and took over the investigation.  At this point it appears that the case involves domestic violence and both of the involved had stab wounds.  The investigation is on-going, and more information will be released as it becomes available.



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Incident:  Drone Aircraft Incident

Location:  934 S. 46th St.

Case Number:  15-1447

Date/Time  2/12/15  1251 hrs.

More Information:  Sergeant Rich Charboneau  541-726-2326

Completed By: Sergeant Richard Jones   541-726-3714                                         





On 2/12/15 at 1251 hrs. Springfield Police responded to a report of a drone aircraft flying around homes in the 900 block of S. 46th Street.  The caller said she was working in her yard when she spotted the drone, which was outfitted with a camera and similar to the one pictured below, hovering near her.  She was alarmed by the drone and went into her house to call 911.  As she did, the drone hit the roof of her house and crashed.  The caller was concerned the drone operator had been using it to look into windows of houses in the neighborhood.


No one came forward while the officer was on scene to claim ownership of the drone.  It was transported to the Springfield Police Department and lodged as found property.  Nothing was located on the drone to identify the owner.


While there is currently nothing in Oregon law that makes it a crime to fly a drone, the operator of a drone may be civilly liable under certain circumstances for flying over a person’s property at less than 400 feet (837.380).   







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Incident:                              Vehicle vs Pedestrian Hit and Run

Location:                             10th St and Main St Springfield Oregon

Case Number:                   15-1353

Date/Time:                         2-9-15 2023hrs

More Information:          Sgt Charboneau 541-726-2326 

Completed By:                 Sergeant Kirkpatrick



SUSPECT VEHICLE: Black or Grey Toyota Camry (similar to a 2010)



NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT:  On the listed date and time Officers of the Springfield Police Department responded to an injury hit and run at 10th St and Main St.  Witnesses stated the victim was walking westbound across 10th St on the south side of Main St.  Witnesses said the victim had a walk signal and attempted to jump out of the way of the vehicle but was struck and fell to the ground.  The suspect vehicle stopped momentarily, but then fled southbound on 10th St and then eastbound on S A St. 


They described the suspect vehicle as similar to a 2010 Toyota Camry black or grey in color.  It is believed that the victim suffered a broken hip, and was transported to Riverbend Hospital.  The identity of the victim has not been confirmed at this point.


Anyone with information is asked to contact the Springfield Police Department 541-726-3714.


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Incident:                              SPD Non Emergency Line problems

Location:                             Springfield Oregon

Case Number:  

Date/Time:                         2/6/15 – 2/8/15

More Information:          Sgt Charboneau 541-726-2326 

Completed By:                 Sergeant Kirkpatrick



NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT:  On Sunday 2-8-15 at approximately 1500hrs the Springfield Police Department learned that numerous calls to the Springfield Police Non Emergency line (541-726-3714) were forwarded to a non-police employee’s phone.  During the investigation it appears the issue began on Friday 2-6-15 at approximately 1214pm.  Most calls were received by Police Department staff, but during high call load volume some calls were erroneously forwarded.


* The issue has been resolved, and the phone lines are working properly*. 


We are asking that anyone who called during the listed time element, and did not receive service but still need an Officer response, to call SPD at 541-726-3714.  We were able to backtrack several calls and dispatch Officers.  If citizens encounter a similar problem with our non-emergency line, and are in need of immediate police response, they are asked to call 911, and alert the call taker to an issue with the non-emergency line.  SPD has been in contact with the 911 call center to advise them of this procedure.



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INCIDENT: Robbery 1 Arrest                             CASE # 15-1176


LOCATION:  35th Street Market

1279 35th Street, Springfield


DATE/ TIME:  February 4, 2015/1250 hrs.


ARRESTED: Smallwood, Joseph Louis 19 yrs. of Eugene.



NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT: On the above listed date and time officers responded to the 35th Street Market, located at 1279 35th Street, to a reported armed robbery that just occurred.  When officers arrived in the area, an alert citizen flagged them down and provided them with cellphone footage she had taken of the possible suspect.  That footage included the license plate of the suspect vehicle.  That information was broadcast to all officers.


A short time later the vehicle was located going westbound on Main Street in the 1900 block. The vehicle was stopped in the 1300 block of Main, where Joseph Smallwood was taken into custody without incident.  A handgun and cash from the robbery were located at the vehicle stop.


In the subsequent investigation, police obtained sufficient evidence to charge Mr. Smallwood with another armed robbery that was committed on February 2, 2015 at Rommy’s Market, located at 701 West M Street in Springfield.  A handgun was also displayed in that robbery and cash was taken.  


Joseph Louis Smallwood was lodged at the Lane County Jail on two counts of Robbery 1 and two counts of Unlawful Use of a Weapon.


The investigation is continuing.


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT:  Sgt. David Lewis 726-3721 or 729-2310


NEWS RELEASE COMPLETED BY: Sgt. David Lewis 726-3721



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INCIDENT:        UUV Arrest & Patrol Car Crash                                     


DATE/ TIME:           February 4, 2015


LOCATION:       19th & Hayden Bridge in Springfield


ARRESTED:       Caudy, Jack Dwayne

                             DOB: 071790 / Age 24



CHARGES:    Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle (UUV)

                        Elude by Foot

                        Unauthorized Entry into a Motor Vehicle (UEMV)

                        Interfering with a Peace Officer



     On February 4, 2015 at 0229 hours SPD K-9 Officer Hargis spotted a stolen Toyota Prius in the area of 17th and S Street in Springfield.  A vehicle stop was initiated and the suspect (Jack Caudy) exited the stolen vehicle and attempted to elude capture.  He was apprehended after a short foot pursuit by Officer Hargis and his K-9 partner.


     A back-up Officer responding to the area of the foot pursuit failed to negotiate the corner at 19th and Hayden Bridge and crashed his patrol car into a nearby residence.  There were no injuries to the occupants of the house or the officer.  As per policy an outside agency is asked to investigate the crash.  The Eugene Police Department is conducting that investigation.


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT:  Sgt. Richard Charboneau 726-2326 or Captain Richard Lewis 726-3721




Caudy, Jack Dwayne


                News Release

                                City of Springfield 225 Fifth Street, Springfield, OR  97477


For more information, contact Tana Steers, 541-726-3731


January 24, 2015


For immediate release:

Springfield Police Department Seeks

Citizen Academy Applicants – Deadline for applications is Monday, March 2


Springfield, OR – Want to take a peek behind the scenes at the daily jobs of police officers and all the folks who work side-by-side with them?  The Springfield Police Department will hold its 2012 Citizen Police Academy from March 25 through June 3.

           The no-cost, 33-hour training program, which consists of classroom and “hands-on” instruction, is open to anyone age 18 or older.  Preference will be given to Springfield residents and people doing business in Springfield.  Deadline to submit an application is March 2.

           The Academy is designed to provide citizens with a better understanding of the nature of police work, and to give them an opportunity to interact with Springfield Police Department staff in a non-emergency setting.  It’s also an opportunity to provide input on police policy, practice and procedure.

           Community Service Officer Tana Steers, The Academy Director, says the course is “a long-established and important police/community relations program.”  The course is designed for citizens from all backgrounds and occupations. 

           The classes cover officer selection and training, the job of the uniformed patrol officer, investigation skills, tactical operation, canine unit, use of firearms, vice and narcotics, communications, crime scene search, and crime prevention.  Students tour police facilities, use police equipment and fire police department-issued weapons.

           Classes are held weekly on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., with the exception of a couple of the classes.  To graduate, each student must attend at least nine of the eleven classes.

           Anyone interested in completing an application can obtain one from the Springfield Police Department at 230 Fourth Street or at the police department’s web-site at www. .  The application must be returned prior to March 2.  All applicants will be notified regarding their acceptance to the academy by March 13.

           For more information, contact the Springfield Police Department Community Services Unit at 541-726-3731, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.







INCIDENT: Missing Person                                          


CASE # 13-4430


LOCATION: Springfield


DATE/ TIME: May 21, 2013


MISSING PERSON: Redmon, Rocky Evan 25 year old white male of Springfield




NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT:  The Springfield Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in locating Rocky Evan Redmon.  Mr. Redmon is described as a white male 5’ 8” and approximately 140 pounds.  He has brown hair and blue eyes.  Mr. Redmon was reported missing on May 3rd, 2013 and has not been heard from since.  He has no motor vehicle, but his bicycle is unaccounted for.  Anyone with information in this case is urged to notify the Springfield Police Department.


The investigation is continuing.




NEWS RELEASE COMPLETED BY: Sgt. David Lewis 726-3721







INCIDENT: Missing Person                                                                  CASE:  13-4207


LOCATION: South 35th Street, Springfield


DATE/ TIME:  April 26, 2013. 2300 hrs.


Missing Person: Smith, Carl Lynn.  76 year old White Male.



NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT: On the above listed date and time Carl Smith was reported missing from his residence on South 35th Street in Springfield.  He was reported missing by his wife, who told police that Mr. Smith is suffering from the onset of dementia.  Mr. Smith insisted on going for a walk and has not been seen since.  He does not have access to a vehicle and has no other relatives in the area.


Carl Lynn Smith is described as being a 76 year old white male, 5’10” 177 pounds with collar length gray hair and hazel eyes.  He was last seen wearing a black coat, blue jeans, blue and gray tennis shoes and a camouflage baseball hat.  According to his wife, Mr. Smith has a heart condition and takes regular medication for a thyroid issue.


Anyone who has information on the possible whereabouts for Mr. Smith is encouraged to contact the Springfield Police Department.   


FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT:  Sgt. David Lewis 726-3721 or 729-2310



NEWS RELEASE COMPLETED BY: Sgt. David Lewis 726-3721


News Release

City of Springfield, Police Department, 230 Fourth St., Springfield, OR  97477

Contact:  Tiffany Monroe, Police Department

(541) 726-3721       www.


October 25, 2011

Contact:  Tiffany Monroe

(541) 726-3721


SPD first in Oregon to offer SmartPhone App



The Springfield Police Department is pleased to announce the availability of a new Police iPhone and Android application for the citizens of Springfield.  The app named “My Police Department” or “MyPD” is available now for free in the iTunes & Android marketplace.


This app includes features for checking on the latest news, social media postings, directions, department contacts, submitting feedback, questions, department surveys, crime tips and more.


The app is available to the public free of charge.  The app is also free of any advertisements or pop ups.


All of the forms can be sent anonymously to the department, though we encourage an email address or phone number if you would like a response.  Users also have the ability to upload photos and GPS information with the app forms (for example a parking issue, graffiti complaint, etc).


As is the case with our other emails, tip line and social media sites, this app is not for any type of emergency situation.  SPD will attempt to review all messages in a timely fashion but do not always actively monitor all messages at all times.


The app was developed by Detective Peter Olson of Peabody, Massachusetts who founded the company WiredBlue LLC.  WiredBlue has more features planned for future releases.  Any suggestions can be directed to the department by emailing SPD at or the app developer at


More information can be found on our website at  and the MyPD app website


City of Springfield, Oregon